In the event you have had a website hosting account in the past, you may have encountered a situation where you spend your money on some unlimited feature only to find out later that it's actually limited and you have a fixed quota. This could happen with the disk space, the database storage, the monthly bandwidth along with other features which many hosting service providers offer in a way that's different from what you will really have. That is the so-called overselling, which providers use in order to attract customers despite the fact that they're aware that they are unable to provide their clients with the attributes they promote usually owing to the type of their Internet hosting platform or in the case of the resellers - due to the fact that they have some limits from the actual host company.
No Overselling in Cloud Website Hosting
You'll never run into a situation where you cannot use some of the attributes which we offer with our cloud website hosting packages as we don't oversell and we actually provide what offer you. Leaving aside the fact that building mutual trust is a thing we truly believe in, we can afford to provide you with even unlimited features since unlike various competitors, we do not run everything on a single server. Instead, we've built an advanced cloud platform where the file storage, databases, Control Panel, e-mails, and just about any other service has a separate cluster of servers to manage them. This setup allows us to add hard disks for extra disk space and whole machines for more processing power, so that we can never exhaust the system resources. Our own Hepsia Control Panel was developed to run in the cloud, so in case you purchase one of our hosting plans, you will be able to take full advantage of what you have paid for all the time.